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Light Assembly

Product Sales
Cosmetics Sale

You have a beautiful product, and are re-configuring it for a holiday gift set! Or you need gift wrapping or certain labeling for a unique retailer.  These types of Light Assembly projects are just perfect for Market Speed Logistics LLC.  Our staff has years of experience in Light Assembly for Warehousing and Distribution in the B2B and B2C market places.


Labeling & Ticketing

Special label or ticket your products.

Subscription Box Packaging

Put your best foot forward to your subscribers with beautifully assembled subscription boxes.


Holiday kits needed? We've got you covered!

Coding – Inkjet / Laser

Use our state of the art inkjet/laser coder to code lot numbers and more.

Gift Set Assembly

We can assemble any style gift boxes to cater to your retail needs.

Shrink Wrap

Protect your products with quality shrink wrapping services.

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