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Technology & Security

Market Speed Logistics has researched and implemented the most state-of-the art technology available today, to support our backend systems.

This allows for excellent inventory control, inventory management, and tight FIFO warehousing and batch / expiration control along with the most expeditious shipping methods that fit your needs.  Our rack set up is spectacular with systems that allow us to pull product as needed.  Our pick/pack systems allow for easy flip to ecommerce for one at a time orders.


Our IT systems are secure and protected within our private network to maintain the integrity of your data. For ecommerce, we work with a team to assist you in development of your retail site, and then integrate order files so your shipments (when in stock) can go out same day, if required.


Our building is secured with CCTV camera systems in place. Our employees and visitors must pass through our access control to gain entry / exit to the building.


Our yard / lot is also secured with fencing, camera surveillance and our security guards.  Your products are in our space, and we make sure to keep them secured while they are here.

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