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Warehousing & Distribution

What is the difference between just “warehousing” your products and distributing them? Market Speed Logistics LLC can do both!

We warehouse your inventory by receiving it into our location, providing receipt confirmation and reporting on goods.  If you choose to just “store it” here, then we have over 150,000 square feet of warehouse space in NJ to do just that.  BUT – if you want to bring your products to market – then Market Speed Logistics LLC is the distribution vendor of choice.  We receive your products, inventory them, can provide light assembly or re-configuration of products services and then ship them to your retailers including department stores, big box stores, mass merchants, drug chains and boutique / specialty wholesalers or to your individual ecommerce clients.  Our distribution capabilities include:

  • Department Store Compliance

  • Customer Returns Processing

  • Inventory Control

    • Batch / Lot Control

    • Cycle Counting

    • Expiration Date Management

    • FIFO / LIFO

    • Physical Inventory

  • Order Consolidation

  • Piece / Case / Pallet Picking

  • Quality Control

  • Receiving In and Breaking Down to Individual Orders

  • Reporting

  • Retail Compliance

  • Shipping / Receiving

Market Speed Logistics LLC is conveniently located in Central NJ and ships both domestically and internationally.  We are pleased to service all our EDI and Consumer order fulfillment and shipping needs.

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