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Shipping & Receiving

At Market Speed Logistics LLC, you need to know where your products are. The first line of defense in your business model is to make sure your products are where they should be, when they should be. 

With an experienced team of professionals in the Warehouse, Distribution and Trucking industries – we know how to bring your products into our facility, inventory them and keep track of them along with climate controlled storage as needed.  With 12 Receiving / Shipping Doors to bring products in, and over 10,000 Pallet Locations – our staff uses RF Technology to keep track of your materials.  And as a Market Speed Logistics LLC customer, you will be provided Online Connectivity to your Inventory at all times!

We ship to all major retailers, department stores, drug store chains, mass, specialty stores, and consumers. We have relationships with all the major freight carriers, UPS and Fed Ex.  Conveniently located near major UPS and Fed Ex hubs allow your products fast shipment on a daily basis.

If your customer base extends to international points, MSL provides in-house professional expertise to insure your shipments move seamlessly to their destination.

The MSL warehousing and distribution center functions as a compliment to your operation. Please Contact Us today if you would like to discuss moving your products with us!

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