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Our Services

As a premier distribution company for all types of consumer brands, our dedication to our customers is what drives our business model. With a wealth of experience in the health, beauty, cosmetics, skincare and hair care industries – Market Speed Logistics has worked for the most demanding of customers. Take that experience and put it to work for you!

3PL Logistics

A business partner you can count on for your supply chain management and transportation requirements.


Every major brand now has an ecommerce shipping component. In order for you to compete in this marketplace, your plan has to incorporate that and we can help.

Quality Control

Market Speed Logistics follows our own internal processes, but also follow the AQL Process of Quality Control to make sure we have the proper checks and balances in managing your inventory and shipments.


We provide consulting services in various arms of the warehouse and distribution industries, thus allowing you to take advantage of the overwhelming 3PL experience we have within our staff. 

International Shipping

As you face a global marketplace, more and more products are being shipped outside of the USA.  But did you know that each country has unique regulations and systems set up to import products? 

Returns Processing

A challenging part of business but we make sure you can process returns quickly and efficiently to satisfy your customer and your bottom line.

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